Soups & Vareniki

Our Soups & Vareniki Menu

RED BORSCHT (Hot)this vegetarian version of Borscht$7
TEAM FISH HODGEPODGE “UKHA” (Hot)Russian Fish Soup made with pickles, mushrooms and different varieties of fish$10
MUSHROOM SOUP (Hot)fresh and dried mushrooms: porcini, shitake, white/button and Pearl barley$10
GEORGIAN SOUP "HARCHO"bouquet of Georgian spices and lamb meat $9
SOUP WITH MEATBALLS Russian homemade soup$9
COLD RED BORSCHwith beets, egg, green onion, cucumber, dill and sour cream$7
SPINACH SOUP (Cold)with egg, green onion, cucumber, dill and sour cream$7
OKROSHKAmade with yogurt "broth", reddish, cucumber, dill, horseradish, cooked potatoes, egg $8
VARENIKI WITH CHERRYerved with cherry sauce$12
VARENIKI WITH POTATOserved with fried onions$12
VARENIKI WITH SWEET CHEESEerved with sour cream$12
PELMENIfilled with mince chicken, onion, black pepper$12

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