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Our Salad Menu

FRESH VEGETABLE SALADtomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, bell pepper, lettuce, sunflower oil, vinegar OR sour cream and dill$12.95
GREEK SALADvine ripe tomatoes, lettuce, mixed olives, cucumbers, red onion, and pepperocini and crumbled feta cheese$16.95
KAVKAZ SALAD (for 2 pp)fresh vegetables with feta cheese and thin shredded air-dry bef "Basturma"$19.95
CAESAR SALAD (for 2 pp)romaine greens tossed with homemade croutons and dressing$16.95
CAESAR SALAD (for 2 pp) w/ chicken or shrimpromaine greens tossed with homemade croutons and dressing$21.95
SALAD “TATIANA” (for 2 pp)daikon radish, meat, crunchy fried onions and little bit of mayonnaise$16.95
AVOCADO SALADtomatoes, red onion, garlic, jalapeno, cilantro, limejuice, served in tortilla basket good with Tequila…shot!$16.95
EEL SALAD (for 2 - 4 ppl)mix greens and special souce (ginger, honey, sesame seeds$32.00
SALMON TARTAR diced raw salmon, massago, hot sesame Japanese mayonnaise, red caviar$24.95
SESAME TUNA (for 2 - 4 pp)coated with sesame seeds, mix green and ginger sauce$29.95
BEET SALADwith walnut crumbled goat cheese, served with arugula, pink vinegar & olive oil$13
SALAD CAPRESEmozzarella, tomatoes, with pesto and balsamic$15
SALAD OLIVIEThe most popular traditional Russian salad$11.95

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