Meat & Poultry

Our Meat & Poultry Menu

*** Chicken & Poultry ***

CHICKEN “TABAKA”Cornish hen marinated, fried under the “brick”$17
CHICKEN CUTLET “KIEV”with home fried potato, cranberry sauce$21
CHICKEN SCHNITZELtopped with mushroom sauce, served with homemade mashed potatoes $17
CHICKEN SHISH KABOBwith pita bread, onion and tangy sauce$15
GRILLED CHICKEN BREASTwith pomegranate sauce and home fried potatoes$16
HALF YOUNG DUCKLINGroasted with apples, with red wine cherry sauce $25
POZHARSKY CUTLETScombination of poultry and veal, topped with Mushroom sauce$19

*** Beef ***

FILET MIGNONwith porcini mushroom sauce and pan-fried potatoes$30
BEEF-STROGANOFF sautéed pieces of beef tenderloinwith mushrooms in a sour cream sauce, topped with strips of pickles, mashed potatoes$26
SKIRT STEAK (USDA PRIME) (medium or medium-rare only) over the spring green salad, drizzled olive oil, balsamic vinegar, mashed potatoes$25
RIBEYE STEAK served with baby potatoes and vegetables$39

*** Pork ***

SCHNITZELbreaded and pan fried cutlet from pork homemade mashed potatoes$17
PORK FILET MIGNONwith country style home fry’s potatoes, butter-lemon-capers sauce$20
PORK SHISH KABOBwith pita bread, onion and tangy sauce$16
FALL OFF THE BONE BABY BACK RIBS with home-fried potatoes$19
BONE-IN PORK STEAKmarinade in garlic, vinegar, salt and black pepper$19
COUNTRY STYLE STEW IN A POTwith pork and potatoes$14

*** Lamb ***

LAMB CHOPS “KARSKI”included sauerkraut, pita bread and special homemade sauce $31
RACK OF LAMB (product of the USA) with mushroom souse and pen fried potatoes$35
LAMB SHANKslow roasted meat with vegetables, spices and red wine$21
LAMB RIBS marinated in a wine honey mixture, then grilled to perfection$26

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