Fish & Seafood

Our Fish & Seafood Menu

Crispy St. Peter (2,5 lb) (whole fish)with teriyaki sauce, served with homemade mashed potatoes$33.95
Pan-Fried Branzino (whole fish)with homemade mashed potato$32.95
Roasted Salmonwrap it in foil with vegetables and lemon with homemade mashed potato$30.95
Flounder (whole fish)with homemade mashed potatoes$33.95
Chilean Sea Bass (fillet)marinated and roasted in white creamy sauce, served with homemade mashed potatoes$46.95
Shrimp Scampiin garlic, white wine sauce and rice$26.95
Angel Shrimpwith pasta in white garlic-creamy sauce$26.95
Seafood Pastashrimp, black mussels, calamari and New Zealand mussels$41.95
Grilled Doradotopped with teriyaki sauce; served with homemade mashed potato$30.95
Grilled Branzino (whole fish)topped with garlicky-butter and lemon, with green salad$32.95
Grilled Salmon Steaksover green salad$30.95
Char-Grilled Shrimp Kebabover green salad$25.95
Fish and Seafood Platterroasted salmon, st.peter fried cut, chilean seabass, grilled shrimp kebab, grilled vegetables$160.00
Any Extra Garnishmushed potatoes, pasta, french fries, pan fried potatoes, baby potatoes, rice mix$10.00

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