Cold Appetizers

Our Cold Appetizers Menu

HERRINGwith marinated onion and olives$10.95
HOMEMADE LOXsalt cure salmon$15.95
SMOKED SALMONboneless semga$18.95
RED CAVIAR with CREPES (4 pcs)$35.95
FISH ASSORTMENTsmoked salmon, smoked butterfish, lox, red caviar over egg$39.95
HUMMUSwith grilled pita$12.95
EGGPLANT CAVIAR “BABAGANUSH”with a combination of tahini, lemon juice, garlic and other flavors. $13.95
MEAT ASSORTMENTroast pork, beef tongue, roast chicken$32.00
BEEF TONGUEwith horseradish sauce$16.95
UKRAINIAN "SALO"is a traditional Eastern European food of cured fatback, with green onion, garlic, pickled cucumber$18.95
PICKLED CUCUMBERS (4 pcs)(four pc.) $12.95
PICKLED TOMATOES (2 pcs)(two pc.)$12.95
PICKLED VEGETABLE ASSORTMENTtomato, cucumber, cabbage, carrots, mixed mushrooms$25.95
CHEESE ASSORTMENT PLATEHavarti, Brie, Paradiso, Grana Padano (paramesan), honey, nuts, grapes$30.00

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