Our Beverages Menu

Draft Beer (0.5L)Stella Artois, Bitburger, Krusovice, Weihenstephaner (20 OZ)$10.50
Bottled Beer (12oz)Ask your waiter for available selection$8
Russian Beer (16oz)Ask your waiter for available selection$8

Cold Drinks

Compote (glass)Homemade fruit & berry drink$10
Compote (pitcher)Homemade fruit & berry drink$29
Spring water16.9 Oz$3
Soft DrinksSprite, cola diet, cola, ginger ale, seltzer$4
Assorted JuicesApple, orange, crenberry, tomato$5.50
S. Pellegrino 1 Liter (33.8 Oz)is a natural sparkling mineral water$8
Borjomiis a naturally carbonated mineral water from springs of central Georgia$6
Iced Tea SnappleLemon, Peach$4
Iced Coffee Glacewith ice cream$9

RUSSIAN KVAS (from Russia)

Archaeologists date the beginning “kvasovareniya” at least 8000 BC. Likely Brew Invented simultaneously with BAKERY – Because They are based on Similar Processes. Already in the Tenth century, DURING the time of the adoption of Christianity in Russia, kvass WAS well known

Kvass16 Oz bottle$6.50

Hot Drinks

Tea For TwoBrewed tea in the teapot$10
TEABlack or green$3.50
Assorted teaflavor$3.50
Tea with fresh mint$4.50
Coffeemilk or havy creame$3.75
Ice Coffeemilk or havy creame$3.75
Double EspressoItalian$7

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