In light of the ever-growing popularity of the famous New York restaurant Tatiana, we are proud to present the debut of the Tatiana Grill. Our new eatery is an excellent place to celebrate a special occasion, throw a party, or enjoy a quiet dinner with that someone special.
Our unique blend of Russian and American cuisine, exceptional service, soft music, and stunning ocean views makes Tatiana Grill, along with it's sister restaurant Tatiana, the number one choice for exquisite dining in Brooklyn.
Come enjoy your meal and friends as you experience the sea life in our unique glass floor aquarium. And enjoy the refreshing ocean breeze as you dine in our outdoor area.
Having an important meeting and need to impress your guests? With Tatiana you can be positive that everything will be just perfect! From our beautiful tableware to our breathtaking interiors, from gourmet meals to friendly and fast waiters Tatiana is sure to leave everyone thrilled.
Visit our gallery to take a look at what we offer, or better yet just come in person and discover the beauty of the Tatiana Grill yourself!
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"Tatiana" Banquet
"Tatiana" Banquet (day)
"Tatiana Special" Banquet
"Tatiana Special" Banquet (day)
Super Deluxe Banquet (day)


Phone: (718) 646-7630
3152 Brighton 6th St
Brooklyn NY 11235